ESSCom (Employee Self Service Module for Compliance on SEBI's Regulations, 2015)
* Now Compliant with SEBI's PIT (Amendment) Regulations, 2018 *

How confident are you of your “Insider Trading Compliance System-in-place”?

The SEBI’s (PIT) Regulations, 2015 suggest that you should take a second look.

In January 2015, SEBI notified the revamped PIT (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations for listed companies, with more emphasis on disclosures by employees. Through a guidance note , later, SEBI also included Pledging of shares for purpose of disclosure.

Thus it has now become increasingly difficult for an employee to manually keep track of all his/her dealings in the company’s securities that include the dealings of his/her immediate relatives and comply with the regulations.

The Compliance team now needs to compile the ESOP allotments and check for the threshold limits and prepare the disclosure forms, wherever applicable. (Refer Regulation 7(2)(b)).

Hence there is a need to provide a platform to the employees for declaration of their immediate relatives and submission of disclosures as required under the SEBI’s (PIT) Regulations.

Dolphin has launched the largest selling web based solution - ESSCom - “ESS (Employee Self Service) Module for Compliance on SEBI’s (PIT) Regulations, 2015”.

  • Web based portal that allows the employees themselves to enter and store the details of their dealings (including dependents) in your company’s securities that includes market/off-market/ESOP/gift/pledge/release transactions.
    • Employees need not do manual calculations of the threshold limits required for submission of disclosures and do not need to manually fill-up the forms.
    • Frees the compliance team from manual preparation of the disclosure forms & reports.
  • Administrator access to the portal to setup the company’s ‘model code of conduct’.
    • Helps in validating the transactions while being entered.
    • Helps in generating reports of those transactions that results in violation of the model code
  • Facility to upload ESOP Allotments and RTA beneficiary data.
    • Helps in monitoring the holdings of the employees. (by matching PAN).
    • ‘ESOP Allotment upload’ helps ESOP grantees do away with the data entry of their ESOP allotments
  • In-house portal setup for companies with large number of employees.
  • Cloud based portal setup for small / medium sized companies.
  • Stand-alone application with which the compliance team manages everything.