The largest selling 'Off-the-shelf' software for administration of ESOPs

  • Complete stock option management solution that covers the full life-cycle of an option (from issue till allotment).
  • Easy-to-use Software – Specifically designed to be simple and easy to operate with little or no help from I.T department.
  • Probably the only software that includes the post exercise features – Allotment of Distinctive numbers & Generation of Corporate Action Files for depositories.
  • Option to Re-schedule vesting for all employees (or) specific employees.
  • Facility to manage Surrender of Options.
  • Comprehensive set of reports, which include Plan/Grant Details with summary, Employee-wise Grants with Balances, Details of un-exercised, lapsed options.
  • Option to send letters such as Intimation of Grants, Intimation of Vesting, Intimation of Allotment to the employees either by Print or by E-mail.
  • Parameterized Stock Option Plan Maintenance – Expiry of options can be based on Plan / Grant / Vesting Period.
  • Elaborate & parameterized “Employees Separation” table for effecting grants on “Separation of employees”.
  • Vest Schedule can be linked to employees’ service or joining date. (typically used in companies having “bond” period)
  • Options to Cancel grants and suspend benefits for a given period.
  • Can store detailed information of the Employees including Tax Status, Tax Rate, Yearly Gross Income (for Computing Perquisite Tax), Residential Status, Subsidiary/Associate Company, Date of Joining/Leaving, Bank a/c no, PAN, Joint names, Nominee, Email-ids, Grade, Location, Department, Designation etc.,
  • Facility to process applications for exercise through “Cashless” and “Bank Loan” .
  • Optional Web-based access for employees for query and online exercise
  • ESOP Accounting report for computation of Charge
  • Query on Employee (by Employee Code or Employee Name) highlighting:
    • Transaction-wise details (showing Grants Issued,Vested & Exercised)
    • Grant-wise details (showing vest-wise with exercise details)
  • Query [As on any Date] – Shows details as on any Back-date after rolling back all subsequent transactions.
  • Query on Plan/Scheme – Shows a crisp summary of the scheme with details on: “Total Options Granted”, “Options Cancelled”, “Vested”, “Exercised”, “Vested but Lapsed”, “Unvested but Lapsed”, “Options Vested but Not exercised”, “Options Pending Vest”.
  • Plan Parameterization – Can be setup as per Company's ESOP Plan
  • Facility to Store multiple batches/tranches under each Plan
  • Plan/Scheme can be defined at Discount (or) at Market Price.
  • Vest Basis can be:
    • On Tranche Date.
    • Merge Vest Based on Employees’ service.
    • On First Vesting date (or) Joining date.
    • On Grant Date.
  • Option to Round-off the Fractions, if any.
  • Vest Expiry can be:
    • On Plan expiry.
    • After ‘X’ months from Vest date / Tranche Date.
    • After ‘X’ months from Grant Date.
  • Facility to handle “Surrender of Options” including partial surrender.
  • Plan Ledger – A crisp summary report showing details such as Granted, Vested, Lapsed & Exercised during any given period along with the Opening and Closing Balance of the period. Annexures for this report can also be generated.
  • “Intimation of Vesting” letter can be generated for :-
    • All Grants.
    • Grants from a Specific Tranche.
    • Grants for a specific Vest schedule.
  • Option to store “Refund” details of excess application monies paid, if any.
  • Can store detailed information of Cheques received along with application including Cheque no, Cheque Date, Bank/Branch Name, Status (showing whether Cheque is Realised or Bounced).
  • Facility to accept either multiple cheques or a single cheque, towards Application & Perquisite tax amounts.
  • Option to “Withhold” applications (for any reason) to facilitate allotment of rest of the applications in a batch.
  • Employees’ demat accounts can be entered or modified during application data entry itself.
  • Facility to generate Member-details for Verification of Names with NSDL & CDSL depositories (as per their format).
  • Option to Import and Compare the Verified/Return data from NSDL & CDSL.
  • Strongly validated checklist to ensure all applications for exercise are checked thoroughly for errors.
  • Generate Return of Allotment and Allotment Register after the Allotment process.
  • Facility to print “Letter of Allotment” to the employees showing details such as Amount Paid, Shares Allotted, Distinctive Numbers/Demat Account details etc.,
  • Special Report on “Perquisite tax payable by Employee” (or) “Perquisite tax borne by Company” .
  • Facility to generate “Discount Amount” on “Fixed-price” plans, by fetching the “Stock Rate” as on the date of grant.
  • Facility to generate Annual Information Report (AIR) as per Income-Tax format.
  • Option to download and store Stock rates, helping online computation & posting of perquisite tax, based on exercise confirmation date.
  • User-based Secured Access on multi-level menu items with user-id & password.
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